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May, 2021

What To Expect At A Track Meet

We wanted to share insights from one of our coaches over what you can expect from an IYTA track meet. We hope this helps you get acquainted to the track world and plan your day. Alright, lets dive in! 

Meets start at 8 am. The first race is the 3,000 meters. Only 11 and up are eligible to run this race. BUT regardless of whether or not your kid runs this race, it is the when the rolling starts begin. What I mean by that is I cannot give you a solid start time for any other race during the day. We will always tell you the order of these races, but we will never give times. This is because once we finish all the heats for one race, we begin to race the next one. What is a heat you ask? Let me give you an example. 

We can only run 8 kids at a time for the 100. Let’s do easy math. If 80 kids sign up for the 100 m race, that is 10 heats we have to run. How long does each heat take? Varies. How long will it take us to get through ten? Varies. When will the next race start? Varies. :) You might be beginning to see what I mean about not being able to tell you exactly when races are run other than the very first one of the day. 

I don't recommend you estimate when you think they'll be racing. If your kid's race is in the middle of the list of races and you show up at noon... I cannot guarantee that they won't have missed it. Or that you may be hanging out for over an hour waiting for it to start. Take it from the mom who DID do this and showed up at regionals in the MIDDLE of the race her son was supposed to race. He'll run in the Olympics and tell the newscasters the story of the race he missed because his Mother thought there was NO way they would miss it by going a little later. ;) 

So lets back up a little. Meet starts at 8 am. When you walk into the track, look for the Fishers Fire tent (black tent, fire logo), and come check in to get your kid's bib. This will get pinned on their jersey and be theirs for the day. When you sign up for the meet you can choose three events. Our coaches will be advising kids on what races/events they could/should run/participate in. But if your runner is new, and wants to try it all, it is perfectly okay to sign up for different things each meet. Chances are, they'll figure out what they want to do and you'll sign up for pretty much the same ones each time though. For example - Isaac has run the 1500, 400, and 800 since he started. But this year he's giving up the 800 to run the 3,000 instead. Reece runs the 1500, 800 and does the Long Jump. So they each have three, Isaac chooses to just run, and Reece chooses to run and do a field event. And if either of them wanted to change they would be more than welcome to. 

Sticking with Isaac and Reece - Isaac's first race is super early, at 8 am. And his dad's a coach. And his mom is on the board, so we'll be there REALLY early. Reece's first event starts a little later, but his mom is on the board, and he wants to cheer on his teammates, and I've never met a kid that wants to be on time (or early) more than Reece! ;) So they'll also be right on time to the meets. My family will also have a canopy tent, chairs, coolers filled with snacks and drinks, and even books and activities in case at some point my kiddo (or his brother) needs something to do or to take a break from running around cheering on their teammates. There will be concessions most likely, but trust me, bring some extra food, you don't want to be caught out with nothing to drink if you're there for a while. 

All that to say - you can leave when your runner is done racing. You're welcome to stay and cheer on the team, but when you show up and when you leave is your decision. The coaches are not in charge of the runners, they will be running the races. So, we need parents to be with their kids and listening for calls to races and getting them to where they need to be. Anyone in a fire shirt can be asked for help. Please ask us questions, we are happy to guide you to where you should go. We will also have all our volunteers in fire shirts too as to be more visible to help out where needed. 

Track meets are so fun. I love them. But they are long days and it can be daunting in the beginning. I hope this gives you enough to make it fun right from the start.

Coach Kate


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